Nana's PC98 Translations



I do my translation work as a hobby, but do accept donations as well. It is very hard work, and as a college student without a high-paying job, everything is a great help to me. I accept donations on a monthly basis through Patreon, but I will disable donations for a particular month if I feel like I have not contributed enough to be worthwhile in that month.

If you are interested in supporting me in my goal of translating PC-98 games, it would be more than appreciated if you could lend a hand through Patreon.

If you disagree with Patreon (and I wouldn't blame you) but are interested in donating, I do also have a Paypal account. If you are against (and I wouldn't blame you) or cannot afford monetary donations, a simple kind word or a mention on twitter are some of the best presents I could ask for.

Thank you very much for reading.

Patreon: Nana_vs_Nana