Nana's PC98 Translations


PC-98 General Information

- Tons of great screenshots and reviews of PC98 games.

PC98 Game Database

- A detailed database with info about PC98 games.

PC98 Database

- Another fantastic database with info about PC98 games. English and Japanese.

PC98 Discord Server

- A Discord Server dedicated to discussion of anything PC98. Fairly active!

Tokugawa Corporate Forums

- Forum dedicated to retro computer hardware and software. There is a lot of great information here.

NFG Forums

- Another great forum with users well-versed in retro computers.

PC-98 ROM Hacking

ROMHacking Dead of the Brain

- A stream of Slowbeef ROMHacking Dead of the Brain. A very long, but worthwhile watch.

Heroes of Legend Forums

- A forum partially dedicated to hacking PC98 games.

This section is still a WIP. Lots more PC98 goodness will come in the near future.
If you know any good PC-98 websites or resources I should add, please let me know!