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Finished Translations

Melpool Land (All-Ages!)

Action, Singleplayer+Multiplayer (COMPILE, 1995)

Play as one of Melpool Land's "Tough Guys" and compete to become the best. Interesting combat system based around pushing the opponent out of the ring (or just beating them up). Originally a part of Compile's Disk Station series.

Choose one of four characters and compete in arena combat. Great graphics and music, and a fun multiplayer choice.

Suitable for all ages.
Belloncho Body Inspection (18+)

RPG, Comedy (Hard Soft., 1990)

You are Nanako Hongou, a new transfer student to the all-girls school, St. Belloncho Academy. Hearing rumors of a sketchy body inspection taking place at the school infirmary, you decide to take it upon yourself to unearth the culprit, and expose the secrets of St. Belloncho Academy.

Fight an eclectic cast of delinquents while going about your school life and solving mysteries. Lots of hidden content.

Contains: Nudity, sex.
Reserve (18+)

RPG/Board Game (MIN)

Play as high-schooler Mio, who accidentally trips into a world filled with monsters when she just wanted to go on a nice date. Escape the world of monsters and reunite with your boyfriend.

Fight monsters in guessing-game RPG battles. There are unique H scenes for every monster you lose to.

Contains: Nudity, sex.
Reserve 1/2 (18+)

RPG/Board Game (MIN)

Humans are slipping into the world of monsters again, and Satan has set up a bounty on human girls. Playing as the bat girl from the first Reserve title, collect the souls of three humans and report to Satan.

Fight monsters in guessing-game RPG battles. Multiple endings and H-scenes depending on the outcome of each battle.

Contains: Nudity, sex.